As an artist and in this world we can do whatever we want. Ain’t nothing real. This station starts losing viewers, listeners they’ll turn this to an office for paper or something like that. Ain’t nothing real. Its all iconography that we put a mindset on.

People are gonna write in the history books about what I’m doing right now. You’re gonna look back in 20 years and look at the George Bush moment and look at the Beyonce moment and look at the Confederate flag moment and look when I turnt up and made a bigger corporation than h&m and LVMH and y’all gonna remember that…and we gonna be listening to Drake.

Kanye West


"Because The Internet" (For Childish Gambino) - Illustration by Sam Spratt

After illustrating Donald Glover’s Royalty series, he hit me up again to create the poster for his new album “Because The Internet”. The artwork ties directly into the narrative of his album and its screenplay (which are incredible — seriously, look and listen to this, it’s beautiful and crazy) — and while I was mostly given free reign, he handled all art direction personally.
I won’t be selling the poster personally, but you can get them at the mansion parties he’s throwing — more in the near future.